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Ultimate Zip Cracker

Ultimate Zip Cracker screenshot / link to purchase

The challenge of any password recovery software lies in its ability to open documents protected with a secure file open password. Most recovery software up in the software market have been found to be incompetent for this task, and are a sheer waste of time and money. Why this? The Brute force attacks don't work very well on secure passwords that are non-dictionary words, or passwords longer than 6 characters because they could take limitless time to try a huge number of combinations. Most passwords that we come across are secure. Key recovery (which recovers the actual encryption key as a shortcut to opening the file without needing a password) is the best solution. Ultimate Zip Cracker by VDG Software (which opens Word, Excel and WinZip files, Advanced Office Password Breaker by Elcomsoft are two popular key recovery packages for Microsoft Word.

Despite its name, Ultimate Zip Cracker supports decryption of Zip, ARJ, Word and Excel files (including guaranteed key decryption for Word and Excel files). Ultimate Zip Cracker represents excellent value for money - normally 4-5 separate products (each costing as much as this) would need to be purchased to provide the same functionality.

This product also offers dictionary, optimized brute force, known plaintext attacks and date searches.

The user interface is clean and straightforward. The wizards step you through the best approach to recover your password. Appropriate help for each function is provided directly on the screen. The professionalism and quality of this product was especially evident to us during testing.

The vendor provides free updates to registered users and you can see whether the package can recover your password before spending any money.
In summary, this package is our first choice in a general password recovery tool .

- Download free trial version of Ultimate Zip Cracker
- Check current price / download full version of Ultimate Zip Cracker now

Advanced Office Password Breaker (AOPB)

Advanced Office Password Breaker screenshot / link to purchase

This is a program to decrypt Word and Excel 97/2000 files that have file open protection set, as well as Word and Excel XP files with default (Office 97/2000 compatible) encryption. Its functionality is guarnteed, despite the length and complexity of the password. This is made possible by trying all possible encryption keys (instead of brute-force and dictionary attacks) and takes only about two weeks on single Pentium III/1000 PC (or just four-five days on faster dual-CPU systems).

Unregistered (trial) version can be used during 30 days after installation. The unregistered version does have some limitations. You can order the fully licensed version of AOPB over the Internet with any major credit card, or by check, or with bank/wire transfer. The ordering page is on a secure server, ensuring confidentiality. Delivery is done by emailing you the registration code. This transforms the trial version into the fully-functional one, as soon as your payment is received and verified.

Note: There are three versions of AOPB: Standard ($79), Professional ($199) and Enterprise ($1399). Standard Edition works only on single-CPU systems, Professional Edition works on single and dual CPU systems, using both processors (so recovery speed will be almost double) and Enterprise Edition uses as many CPUs as installed (up to 32, according to limitation of Windows operating system).

Requirements to run this program

Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.0,
Windows 2000 or Windows XP
about 500 kilobytes of free space on hard disk

Note: to use Professional or Enterprise Edition of AOPB on a system with two or more CPUs, you need Windows NT, Windows 2000 or Windows XP.

Known bugs and limitations

The program does not work with the following files:
Microsoft Word/Excel 95 or older;
Microsoft Word/Excel 97/2000 with French regional settings;
Microsoft Word/Excel 97/2000/XP with any passwords other than "open" ones;
Microsoft Word/Excel XP with new CSP protection.

All such files are supported by Advanced Office XP Password Recovery (AOXPPR) which is available at:

On Office 97/2000 files with 'open' password, however, AOXPPR can run only brute-force and dictionary attacks, but they'll fail is password is long enough and well selected.

Unregistered (trial) version of AOPB uses only one CPU (regardless the number of CPUs available in the system), and doesn't actually decrypt the documents (though shows the encryption key when it is found).
Your registration will be valid for all future versions of AOPB -- it means, that they will be free for you. Something WONDERFUL!

Where to get the latest version

The latest version of AOPB is always available from:

Free Word/Excel Password Recovery Wizard

Free Word Excel Password Recovery Wizard screenshot / link to site

This software is freeware. It provides a simple to use wizard interface to recover Word or Excel file open passwords only using dictionary and brute force approaches.

Whilst this will not recover all passwords, it is worth a try since it is completely free of charge.

Download FREE copy of Free Word Excel Password Recovery Wizard


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