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Cimaware WordFix

Cimaware WordFIX is a Microsoft Word recovery software designed to restore corrupt or damaged word document files back into new error-free files. It has been developed in association with Softpalm Corporation. Brought out in July 2002, this utility retreives all the text information left in a corrupted Word document. The new WordFIX PRO has an added advantage of the recovery of formats. Thus it becomes the only utility in the market that recovers almost every Word format and embedded object. The WordFIX recovers MS Word document files from all versions of Microsoft Word including 2002 (XP), 2000, 97, 95, 6.0, 2.0, and all versions of Word for Macintosh. This is compatible with Windows 98/2000/NT/Millenium. It can also be used for viewing Word 2000 and 97 documents from Word 95.

The WordFIX recovers table data, virus infected documents, and embedded HTML. The software receives frequent updates with new features. Technical support and free updates are there for 1 year and allows easy download and installation. User-friendly for both advanced and novice users, it includes automatic install and uninstall features. The Enterprise version includes Batch recovery, which allows the user to select multiple files for recovery without further intervention. This feature is intended for the recovery of many files

Cimaware WordFIX comes in several versions, including a free demo that allows you to check the results of the full version. You can actually save the recovered file but some text is hidden with the caption “demo”. If you want the complete file you will have to purchase the program. WordFIX works with all versions of Word including Word 2002 (XP), 2000, 97, 95, 6.0, 2.0, and all versions of Word for Macintosh. WordFIX is the most affordable Word recovery software available by a long shot and the results are actually better than any other program of the like.

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Cimaware ExcelFix

Cimaware first released, ExcelFIX, to recover damaged Excel files back into trouble free spreadsheets. Introduced in October 1999, this utility has become the most prestigious and awarded Excel file repair utility available today. With over 40 updates ExcelFIX is in constant evolution to cater to all Microsoft Excel users, and to recover the largest possible amount of corruption types. The success of ExcelFIX has inspired Cimaware Software to create other Microsoft Office repair utilities.

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Cimaware AccessFix

AccessFIX was released in March 2002, quickly becoming the most widely used utility to restore damaged Access databases. It recovers damaged Ms Access database files, restoring the table data, even if they are password protected. It also recovers password protected files. AccessFIX can be quickly registered, downloaded, and installed.

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OfficeFIX is an Office recovery Suite that includes all three products in an easy installation package. OfficeFIX is the most affordable Suite available in its field. Cimaware Software has only the user in mind, and that is why the ordering process, download, and installation are easy and oriented towards both advanced and novice users.

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