Crack Microsoft Word Password Software

Forgotten your Word password? You can crack it…

This site is about Word password recovery, or cracking software but is not a hacker or cracker site. Sometimes password recovery software is referred to as a "password cracker". Password crackers are used to "crack" lost or forgotten passwords for legitimate purposes.

A Word password is used for privacy, security and confidentiality. Unfortunately, a password can be easily lost or forgotten or an employee may have used a password, then left your company. Often, the password protects vital information that is absolutely necessary to retrieve.

In these situations, you will have to recover, or crack your password.

The first Microsoft Word password cracking tools were launched in early 1998, originally for Word and Excel 97. Since then many versions have been produced. Today anyone can select from a large range of password recovery packages through the Internet, but to avoid wasting your money, make sure you get some independent guidance from this site rather than relying on vendor sites promoting their own products.

Before we go any further, it is useful to have some basic knowledge on the Microsoft Word Security Model, various Word password types and recovery methods.

This site will give you independent assistance on the software tools that will help you access your important password protected Word documents.…

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